May 6, 2011
@ 9:45 pm

Fatal AtTraction

Naomi Campbell

Yep, you’re seeing right - don’t adjust your monitor. That is Naomi Campbell at a photo shoot with what appears to be patterned baldness.  Google “Naomi Campbell bald” and you’ll see bunch of images come up.

This is a condition is called Traction Alopecia and it’s caused from wearing tight hair dos, pony tails, weaves, braids and other similar hair straining styles for an extended period of time.  The stress, strain and pull on the scalp over time causes the hair to gradually pull away and or rip from the scalp. You can prevent permanent hair loss on the affected areas of your scalp by paying attention to the early warning signs. 

The edges where your hair line resides is a very sensitive part of you hair. It is not surrounded by a mass of other strands to protect it and is more susceptible to damage since it bears more of the force and stress exerted on your hair from these types of hair styles.  If your edges become tender or sore, or if you start to notice slight hair loss around your hairline, you need to change up your hairstyle asap.  

Take a break from chemical relaxers (which will only damage the affected area further), weaves, braids, pony tails and other damaging up dos, styles and products. Wear your hair down or in comfortable non-straining styles like a looser banded pony tail for example.  There are also products you can purchase at the “hair store” or beauty supply store that will help treat the affected areas and promote hair growth. If nothing works and the condition persists, you should of consult with a doctor or specialist.

Beauty is pain but not when the pain leads to hair loss. It’s ok to switch it up every once in a while but remember to give your hair a break.